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Chris wears many hats. First and foremost he’s a father of four wonderful and amazing children, a husband and he loves walks with his precious “Sweet Tea” Basset Hound puppy and “Rowdy” the cat. He has built an extremely successful career in the HVAC industry. When he isn’t wearing those hats, he is in the yard working on a project or in the studio keeping things running smoothly. He isn’t on the microphone much, but when he is, he’s calling balls and strikes so you better pay attention! His favorite teams are Green Bay Packers, Milwaukee Brewers, Milwaukee Bucks and Oklahoma State everything.

Chris Anderson


Eric is an American podcaster, sports writer and betting enthusiast. His unique blend of sports knowledge and self-deprecating humor brings a refreshing point of view to Patriot Sports. A Wisconsin native, Eric resides in the Milwaukee suburbs with his daughter and partner in crime, Natalie. If he's not getting up before dawn to work his blue-collar job, he's waking up at the same hour to go fishing. Eric is a film buff and enjoys time in the outdoors fishing and camping. However, from September until February, his life consists of predominantly football.


Chris "Coach" Cunningham



John is a Midwesterner living in Denver after stops in San Diego, Philadelphia, Atlanta and Chicago. Once described as the smartest defensive player his high school coach ever had, he now uses his concussed brain for writing screenplays and corporate finance. A Battle of the Bands winner, he likes to play guitar, piano and harmonica. Once he ate four pounds of Philly Cheesesteak in one sitting. He can quote just about any SNL skit ever written and loves all Chicago sports except the White Sox. Self-diagnosed dyslexic.



Have you ever tried Updog? Angela is all things: Fingernail polish, sports, bourbon, art, comedy, music, movies and sarcasm. Preferably all at the same time. So, you know, just like one of the guys. She is energetic and wildly curious (to the point of annoyance) and yet, typically not interested in your personal opinion..."Fun, while off putting" is a great way to describe her. Angela is an accomplished interior designer and "that one monkey that flipped off those people at the zoo that one time" is her spirit animal. 

Coach grew up on a farm in south Logan County, small town USA, outside of Guthrie, Oklahoma. A former D2 college football player who loves all things sports, history, travel and the pursuit of the perfect foods. He currently lives in the Oklahoma City area. I mold the minds of youth by teaching history and football. He's a seasoned man who is trying hard not to become the "get off my lawn" guy. He has a beautiful wife, great family and two dogs who are highly ranked, world class nap takers. I am unapologetically a patriot and love America. On my quests for greatness, I enjoy traveling to new sports venues, trying to win the HOA yard of the month and anything close to the old 96er.

Patriot Sports Hosts

Plus Money Golf Hosts



Adam Miller is a PGA Golf Professional owner of Miller Golf and Fitness Instruction based out of
Dubuque, Iowa. A PGA Member since 2012 and self-proclaimed icon at his country club. Growing up in
Oklahoma playing golf with hustlers tuned his game for the club pro life. Family man, part time ATV
Motocross Rider. Adam has experience working at private clubs, resorts and public golf courses in
Oklahoma, Colorado, Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin. Has 6 club championships as 3 courses. Loves playing
classic courses, modern links courses, pulling for the Sooners, SF Giants, and is a Tiger fanboy. OG
graduate of the University of Central Oklahoma PGA PGM Program where he was the player of the year



Chris "Smitty" Smith is a high school Physical Education & Health teacher and high school boys basketball coach in Hartford, WI. Chris has also been a caddie at Erin Hills in Erin, WI for the past 8 seasons. In the past, Chris was also the boy's golf coach in Beaver Dam, WI for 5 years where he had a player appear in the state tournament back-to-back years. He is a graduate of UW-Whitewater where he received his BS in K-12 Physical Education, Health Education, Adaptive Physical Education and Coaching Athletics. Chris completed his MS in Educational Administration in 2021 at Concordia University-Wisconsin. Chris loves sports, specifically golf and basketball and looks to be involved in any way possible! Chris is also a diehard Bucks fan and a Cowboys fan who takes a lot of grief due to living in Wisconsin. He resides just outside of Hartford with his wife Brittni and 3 children Espyn, Piercen and Kestyn.

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