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Week #9 Round Table

Welcome back to Truth Serum Football’s Round Table discussion! The season is at the halfway point and things are starting to shake up even more, leaving us plenty to discuss! Let’s get right to it with a few questions for David from Genesis Sports Cards and Truth Serum Football, Jimmy Palucci and Blake Hensley also of Truth Serum Football and 

Brandon from Stooges Sports! 

Q1: What is your upset of the week? 

David: I have 2 that I like, Cowboys over Eagles and Seahawks over Ravens.

Jimmy: Giants over Raiders. Coaching and front office changes plus a switch at QB spells doom for Vegas

Blake: With Josh Allen looking like his old self, I'm picking the Bills to finally get past the Bengals  in a shootout. I believe if you have any players in this game, you should start them with confidence as the Bills top the Bengals  42-38. With Diggs  and Chase both having monster games.

Brandon: I'm a huge Vikings guys so call it a Homer pick but looking at this tight week of teams with the same record playing each other I gotta go with the Vikings over ATL, ATL is favored by 4.5 to begin the week but with both teams in trouble at the QB position I gotta go with the better Defense in this one. Flores has the viking defense buying into his new system and things are clicking. 10 sacks and 5 INTs in the last 3 games plus a pretty easy schedule til the week 13 bye, that paired with the Falcons doubting Desmond Ridder is a great recipe for an underdog upset

Q2: Who are your top replacement candidates for Cousins owners? 

David: Whoever takes over for Cousins. This is a high flying offense, even more so when JJ is back. They are commonly in shootouts so I'm going with whoever Minnesota starts.

Jimmy: Joshua Dobbs if he's available. Also Aiden O'Connell just got promoted to starter for the Raiders. 

Blake: Jacoby Brisset would have been a decent replacement before the trade deadline but that has passed. Look for then to try and pull out a retired veteran like Matt Ryan. Or they could even try joe Flacco who isn't officially retired. I don't believe there is a good replacement at this time for the Vikings.

Brandon: Again as Vikings it's tough to even think about replacing Kirk, fantasy or real life. There just aren't guys out there that get the kind of opportunities Kirk did, let me remind you that Minnesota just scored their first rushing TD of the season. That means 100%of the TDs that offense had came from the passing game or defense. But if I was desperate for a QB I'd be stashing Kyler  Murray and hoping I'm lucky enough to claim Will Levis, 4 tds in his debut and I don't think he gives that job back...the main reason being the team is finally able to get D-hop involved in this offense! And as a d-hop owner in fantasy, I thank you Will Levis 😎

Q3: Who is your fantasy bust of the week?

David: AJ Brown, and it's the reason I like the Cowboys over the Eagles. He will still get his looks, but I don't expect him to do near as well against this Dallas defense as he has the last 5 weeks or so. 

Jimmy: Anyone worth it on the Raiders (Jacobs, Adams, Renfrow, Meyers) the team is gonna take a huge hit with the shakeup.

Blake: Tony Pollard will have a rough go this week against the Eagles defense. Which means another lackluster game on Pollard's end. Pollard hasn't looked that great this year compared to the previous season and I see him having a low fantasy output with a slight uptick if he can find the endzone.

Brandon: As far as busts go you can always count on prime-time getting the best of people, and this year Josh Allen could be that guy. We all remember the start Allen had to the year, that 3 int game on Monday night in a losing effort against the Jets. Now just think what that Cincy pass rush will do to this already turnover prone guy in prime-time. Not saying he's going to go negative on the night but I wouldn't be expecting a top 5 performance out of Allen 

Q4: Dolphins/Chiefs, Bills/Bengals, Cowboys/Eagles which is your pick for game of the week?

David: I'm going Cowboys/Eagles. Bills have just jot been exciting lately and are trending in the wrong direction and Dolphins have yet to impress against a good team. Plus, Dal-Phi is a division matchup which is usually more entertaining.

Jimmy:  I think Dolphins/Chiefs will be the game of the week. I think KC will  bounce back from a Denver loss and this game is a high scoring shootout. 

Blake: While I believe the Bills Bengals game will be a shootout I actually think the Dolphins Chiefs  game will be the game to watch this weekend. Tyreek is going to have a huge game against his old team. While Kelce  will come back to life and help KC top Miami. It should be a fairly close and interesting game you don't want to miss.

Brandon: Game of the week is a tough one for me, I mean I'm going to love Hurts/AJ Brown picking apart that Cowboys D but when you have the high flying Dolphins going up against the Chiefs team that just got embarrassed by one of the worst teams in the NFL, then we are going to have a good old fashioned shootout on our hands fellas. 

Q5: NFL trade deadline has passed with hardly any movement, if you're the NFL commissioner, how do you make the deadline more exciting?

David: I'd make the trade deadline later in the season, when more teams know if they are contenders or not. This early in the season, so many teams are still alive, technically every team still has playoff odds, however unlikely.

Jimmy: No idea. There really isn't anything enticing to make it better. Just very surprised a lot of players we thought were moving stayed put.

Blake: If I were the commissioner I would actually keep things the same! If we see a change then it'll turn more like the NBA and we will have players forcing teams hands even more and not playing unless they are traded to the team the player wants to go to. Yes the deadline was quiet this year but if it's not broken, don't fix it!

Brandon: I mean a lot of team's issues going into the trade deadline is cap space and trying to circumnavigate the cap coupled with these massive contracts, if I was commissioner I'd find a way to elevate the cash that has to be moved around. Whether it be converting any salary a player has into a signing bonus or create some kind of dead space for the remaining money on traded players contracts. I myself don't really understand half of what these teams do with all the money on these contracts ha

Thanks for reading and drop a question in the comments section and we’ll get to it in next week’s Round Table discussion! 

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