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Week #7 Round Table

Welcome back to Truth Serum Football’s Round Table discussion! Week #7 is here and there’s plenty to discuss! Let’s get right to it with a few questions for David from Genesis Sports Cards and Truth Serum Football, and Bobby, Joshua and Gabe from TSF! 

Q1. What is your upset of the week? 

David: The Lions over the very overrated don't even have a QB bums over in Baltimore.

Bobby: Chargers over the Chiefs. I believe the Chargers  have the firepower on offense to keep up with the Chiefs. All it would take would be for a couple of plays to swing the chargers way to sneak out a W. 

Joshua: My upset of the week would be Indianapolis over Cleveland (-2.5). Vegas gives a boost to the home team so the odds really have the Browns beating Indy by 5.5 points and this Indy team has been very wily in each of their 6 games. Watson is supposed to return and the last time a similar QB to Lamar’s plays style, the defense shut him down. Minshew Magic should be the rallying cry as Indy takes the field in brand new Uniforms, with a “new” Qb for the rest of the season and a hope for AR5s return next season. 

Gabe:  Upset of the week is Miami over Philly

Q2. With the injury bug brutally sweeping through the league, what is some advice you’d give to a new fantasy manager who’s going through it right now?

David: Become one with the waiver wire. Another option is trading a stud for some depth value/solid starters.

Bobby: Keep plugging the waivers. Roster as many backup rbs as you can. Stay active with trades because if you’re dealing with injuries and sitting on hands things won’t get better for you!

Joshua: Relax and trust your gut. Watch the matchups and the waiver wire. Don’t be afraid to double up. Look at a QB/WR combo that is under appreciated this week: IE Trevor Lawerence and Ridley. 

Gabe: Depth is always a smart decision so there are no pointless players on your roster.

Q3. Which rookie QB do you see having the best ROS?

David: It has to be Stroud. I'd live to see Young do something to prove otherwise but with Richardson on IR and Levis not even able to beat out Willis in camp, I have to go with the hot hand.

Bobby: CJ Stroud… I wasn’t a believer before the season started but the kid can ball.  He has changed my opinion on this year's best rookie QB which is not easy to do. 

Joshua: This question is easy. CJ Stroud. Nearly 200 pass attempts before his first INT this past week? He will bounce back and do well! 

Gabe: CJ Stroud has already given plenty of return and will just continue to grow and get better.

Q4. Who's your favorite to take the NFC South?

David: It's the same for me as the beginning of the season. It's the Buccaneers. I said in the preseason that everyone was underestimating Mayfield and he's proven that. If the o-line can come together, they are a dark horse SB contender.

Bobby: This division is ugly.  If I had to choose it would have to be New Orleans.  It’s really a coin flip between the top 3 but I’m going to trust the saints putting thing together down the stretch. 

Joshua: My favorite to win the NFC South is the dirty birds of Atlanta. But it’s because of their road games, rather than defending their own turf. With the exception of the panthers, each of the teams in the South have flashed greatness, but the dirty south has been able to invade their enemies territories well! Watch out for an upset in early playoffs if they become a WC team. 

Gabe: Who cares because they’ll get knocked out in the Wild Card round, but I guess the Bucs.

Q5. Who's your favorite deep sleeper for the first 6 team bye week of the season?

David: I'm going with Tyson Bagent! The man looked great in the preseason and showed enough to get a roster spot. If he doesn't get killed by Maxx Crosby, he could have a great day against a suspect defense. If he doesn't play, I'm gonna say Ronnie Bell. If Deebo sits or is limited, the rookie out of Michigan should see a rise in snaps and a senior citizen team could throw against the Vikings and be successful

Bobby: Wan’dale Robinson. The talent is there and he’s finally getting healthy. I expect an uptick in targets. He’s a sneaky play this week and moving forward.

Joshua: Favorite deep sleeper player for the week: BiJan Robinson. He should be able to run all over NY. 

Favorite deep sleeper team for the week: Chicago Bears. Not only is Vegas overly hyped odds wise, look at Jimmy G's back to fall apart. 

Favorite deep sleeper team for the rest of the season: the GB Packers will make some noise throughout the rest of the season, be prepared for a Love WC Appearance/win.

Gabe: Keontay Ingram. With James Conner being injured for Arizona and Seattle being a mid-tier rush defense team in fantasy, he could actually end up being a HUGE boom for the Cards. 

Thanks for reading and drop a question in the comments section and we’ll get to it in next week’s Round Table discussion! 

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