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Week 15 NFL Props

Week 15 in the NFL, and just in time! We're getting reports of Christmas arriving as soon as next weekend so additional funds would be ideal right now. Let's get into it!

Adam Thielen

Over 4.5 Receptions +105

With six targets or more in every game but two, Thielen has gone over the 4.5 in two of his last three games. Last week he fell short, but still got six opportunities. The Colts coverage isn't as stifling as the Jets, that will be the difference here.

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Alec Pierce

Over 38.5 Rec Yards -110

Long Reception Over 18.5 Yds -120

The Vikings give up the big play as few can, and consistently too. Alec Pierce is a big play WR and Matt Ryan has taken a liking to him. He had a nice bounce-back game last time out and then his old-man QB caught a bye week so he should be fresh and throwing it.

Donovan Peoples-Jones

Long Rec Over 22.5 Yds -110

DPJ seems to be the new Will Fuller for Deshaun Watson. Peoples-Jones has hauled in a reception of at least 27 yards in 9 of 13 games played. The coaching staff has expressed the need to push the ball down the field vs Baltimore, our guy should get some chances.

Mike Williams

Over 65.5 Rec Yards -115

The Titans shut down the run and basically concede the passing game, which is a wild strategy in 2022. We get a line of 65.5 because Williams is so wildly inconsistent. When he goes over though, he goes over. It's either 17 or fewer yards, or over 85 there is no in-between.

Gerald Everett

Over 3.5 Receptions +105

I don't understand this one, if it's 3.5 it should also be -125 but we'll take it. Everett goes over 3.5 all the time, it's like making coffee to him, no big deal.

Yeah, he only had two against the Niners, but Everett has caught at least four in every other game going back to October.

With the Titans defense stifling the run game, we should see more chances for Everett than even a usual week.

Derrick Henry

125 Rush Yds +127

Henry had a couple of dud games leading up to Jacksonville last week, but that was expected. This is the stretch where he piles up yardage against inferior run defenses. He could have put up 200 last week and we should thank him for not, because the odds are better for it this week.

Zonovan Knight

Over 64.5 Rush Yds -110

Zach Wilson is making the start here, and I don't think Coach Salah is going to let him fuck it up. We're looking at a weather game and a fresh-legged running back who forces a crazy number of missed tackles.

Alvin Kamara

Over 58.5 Rush Yards -125

It's just time, guys. Kamara has been dudding all season long but I refuse to believe he can't put up 60 rush yards vs Atlanta. They're sixth worst in the league since week 7 allowing 117 yards per game to running backs. Mark Ingram isn't available, he'll get 12-15 carries.

Tyler Allgeier

Over 44.5 Rush Yards -115

His totals have been around this number for weeks even though he crushes it just about every game. Allgeier has rushed for 45 or more yards in 8 of his last 10 games, and now we're bringing in the rookie quarterback? Seems like a great time to give the backs a ton of work.

Jonathan Taylor

Over 20.5 Rush Att +100

I really like betting rush attempts because all we need is for the coordinator to call the play, and the QB to hand it off. It doesn't matter what happens after that. A carry is a carry whether you lose yards or score. Now let's think about Jeff Saturday and his (football) proclivities.

Taylor's rush attempts over his last four games: 22, 22, 20, 21. He's coming off a bye, so it seems like a 25-carry week.

Gus Edwards

Over 37.5 Rush Yards -125

50+ Rush Yards +160

Dobbins is back and the Baltimore backfield is a mess, to begin with, sure. But we also saw JK Dobbins run down on a would-be touchdown and then remark on his lack of 100 percentage-ness. This leads me to believe Dobbins will be on a double secret pitch count, giving the Gus Bus all the road he needs to get to 50.

In his last five, Gus has rushed for 66, 65, 52, 12, and 66 yards.

Thanks for supporting Patriot Sports! Tune in to our live stream for more prop bet discussion. We went 8-12 last week even after I said no more break-even bullshit, that takes us to 102-103-3 on the season.

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