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Week #10 Round Table

Welcome back to Truth Serum Football’s Round Table discussion! The season is just past the  halfway point and things are starting to heat up leaving us plenty to discuss! Let’s get right to it with a few questions for David from Genesis Sports Cards and Truth Serum Football and our guys Travis Sumpter and Colt Martin! 

Q1. What is your upset of the week? 

David: Broncos over the Bills. The Bills have been extra sloppy since Allen's shoulder injury and are facing a Broncos squad that finally started righting the ship before getting a bye week. The extra rest will prove to be the difference here.

Travis: Give me the Houston Texans over the currently Surging Cincinnati Bengals. Both teams are missing two of their top wide receiver weapons in Tee Higgins (Bengals) and sounds like Nico Collins (Houston) is unlikely as he didn’t practice all this week. CJ Stroud has been on an absolute tear this season and leads QBs in most top 5 stats at the position. After this week we might officially start putting him into the MVP conversation.

Colt: I'm going to continue riding the CJ Stroud train. I think Houston could pull an upset! Houston gets their best CB back and the Bengals are banged up. You can't ever count out Joey B, but I think they lose a tight one this week!

Q2. What are your thoughts on Jefferson returning for Minnesota? If you were the Vikings would you shelf him for the season? 

David: I wouldn't. If they were out of contention I'd consider keeping him rested and seeing what my young guys looked like and start planning for next season. Vikings have been decent lately tho so I'm guessing they roll him out. I would however wait another 2 weeks first, let him rest and see where they are at.

Travis: It’s actually been pretty surprising that the Vikings as bad as they looked at the beginning of the season have really turned it around and via without Justin Jefferson. There is no denying that when he is on the field he is an absolute boon for that team to have. Josh Dobbs actually perfectly complements this offense more with his rushing ability making this team more dynamic than previously with Kirk Cousins. The Vikings (5-4) have zero reason to shelf Justin Jefferson at this point when they have suddenly sprung themselves into the thick of the wild card situation and currently sitting at 7th. There is also still some hope at a division title because they face the Lions the last 2 out of 3 games to end the season. Ain’t no way, no how Justin Jefferson doesn’t return. 

Colt: The Vikings are well within the playoff race. I fully expect JJetas to be activated as soon as he's good to go. If it were a lost season that would be the only way I see him not coming back. 

Q3. How about CJ Stroud? Is he the next big thing or will he come down to earth?

David: I believe he will come back to earth. Once some teams, especially the better teams in the league, have some tape on him, they will shit him down. I am however a little biased against OSU QBs in the NFL.

Travis: Well, I mean we can go right back into my upset of the week and have that conversation again or we can let the numbers speak for themselves. Top ten in every statistical category for the position. 

Passing Yards 2,270-7th

Passing TDs 14-7th

Int 1-1st

Passer Rating 102.9-4th

Sure, will he eventually slip up and have a bad game? Plausible. But he just had an historic game and broke a rookie passing record this past week. There is no more denying this guy is a top 5 Quarterback in the NFL and will be drafted as such in Fantasy Football moving forward. 

Colt: CJ Stroud was the best candidate to break the stigma of OSU QBs. He continues to prove the doubters wrong. He has great chemistry with his guys, has a great pocket presence and isn't getting flustered. I fully expect him to keep up this pace of play!

Q4. Halfway through the season who's your MVP?

David: Joe Burrow, and it sickens me to say it. He could have sat out to get healthy and watched his team flounder, but instead he floundered with them. Now he looks back in form and are beating some very well regarded teams. If he can win the tough AFC North, he wins MVP.

Travis: It is probably without a doubt Patrick Mahomes or Jalen Hurts at least when it comes to betting odds that is. Joe Burrow is re-staking his claim into the conversation as well. When all the dust settles and the smoke clears. Lamar Jackson will be walking away with his second MVP crown. The stats are there. The schedule favors them to keep winning at a high rate. Lock it in. 

Colt: I think Tua has a really strong case. He is healthy and playing at a whole new level, and clicking on all cylinders! 2600 pass yards halfway through the year, 69% completion rating, 19TDs, and the highest QBR in the league! 

Q5. Kyler Murray is back this week, where does he play next year?

David: This is hard to evaluate for me. If he does well, I believe they stick with him. However, if he struggles, is it due to rust and scheme? Do they want to give him another year? The team has looked surprisingly tough with questionable QB play, so maybe a late season push put them out of the top 5 in the draft. In that case, roll with Murray. Especially if the teams picking before you have QB needs and you can snag Marvin Harrison Jr to pair with Murray. If he has a bad 2024, you have a top WR for your new QB in 2025.

Travis: Atlanta would be the prime location for him with all them offensive weapons. I will put Washington up there too with the new ownership looking to make a huge splash this offseason. Is there a possibility he’s still an Arizona Cardinal next year? Absolutely. I believe it all depends on their draft position but they also have so many other holes outside of quarterback it just may not make much sense to replace Kyler at this time.

Colt: I think it all hinges on how well he plays. If he comes back and does well I don't see them moving on from him. If he were to be moved, the Falcons would be the best option in my opinion. I think Atlanta has  a great team that just needs a good QB at the helm to get them over the hump!

Thanks for reading and drop a question in the comments section and we’ll get to it in next week’s Round Table discussion! 

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