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Week 10 NFL Props

Week 10 in the NFL and we've got a whole new batch of prop bets to enhance our viewing experience. Took some big swings in week nine, coming back 31% less crazy this week.

Let's get into it!

Saquon Barkley O 92.5 Rush Yds

Yes, it's a considerable number but we knew it would be. I'm looking at numbers 22, 24, and 20 which are Saquon's carries the past three games.

If he gets 20+ attempts in this game, he will break a few.

Travis Etienne O 18.5 Carries -104 / O 80.5 Rush Yds -114

He's been getting the ball 20+ times each of the last three weeks, cruising over the 100-yard mark. The Jaguars will have to throw, yes. But it would be insane to abandon the run in Arrowhead unless things get completely out of hand.

Kansas City in that same time frame has allowed an average of 137 rushing yards per game.

137 is more than 81. That's just math.

Chris Godwin O 6.5 Receptions -103 / Any Time TD +190

It's our obligatory slot receiver vs Seattle pick. Godwin has caught six or seven every single week since week two. His average distance of target has been fairly short this season, so I'm steering away from the yardage total.

Godwin has zero touchdowns this season so far, that can't last any longer. Even Kyle Pitts scores touchdowns overseas, I mean come on.

Rachaad White O 2.5 Receptions +112

White has caught 3 or more in every start but one this season, I could see him getting four or five in this one. Seattle starts fast and they don't let up. Brady will need to throw it another 40 times this week, the kid just needs a few.

George Pickens 5 Rec & 55 Rec Yds +147

This is the first game sans Claypool, and I suspect the oddsmakers aren't quite sure what to do with that yet. The 3.5 receptions total has too much juice, we don't do that here.

These seem quite attainable for the new alpha dog in Pittsburgh.

Pat Freiermuth O 41.5 Rec Yards -114

Most weeks we find a line that's just hilarious. This week, Freiermuth's receiving yards total is that line. Here are his totals for the last five games: 57, 75, 12, 85, 41.

Come on.

Jaylen Waddle Longest Reception O 23.5 -120

This kid is ridiculous, he's gone over 40 yards on a reception in five different games already. Top five in the league at 17.4 yards per reception, this is just what Jaylen Waddle does.

All we're asking is he go over his average by about 20 feet.

Chicago, meanwhile, is allowing 8.6 yards per attempt in their last three.

Justin Fields Longest Rush O 17.5 Yards -120

You see what this kid is doing. He took off for 61 yards on a scramble last week, he's cleared 17.5 in three of the last four, and he's two yards from 4/4. The Lions are going to miss an assignment or two out there, especially in a letdown spot like this.

Christian McCaffrey 121 Rushing Yards +265

Shanahan is psyched to have this guy in the building, and he intends to use him heavily. We've been attacking this Chargers defense all season long, we're certainly not stopping now.

Deebo is back, which could steal some targets...some unknowns there I'd rather not mess with.

Colts Team Total TDs Under 1.5 +135

Taylor says he feels pretty good, so if he gets two I'll tip my cap but I see a team who has yet to score a first half touchdown. That same team is scoring an average ZERO POINT SEVEN touchdowns per game so no...I don't think they'll score two all of a sudden after firing the coach and play caller.

There are about a dozen props for The People, or at the very least, a concise list of what this degenerate is up to on Sunday. More numbers will come out as the weekend rolls on, catch us on Wake & Rake and we'll get a few more out on the live stream.

Best of luck with your wagers and in all of your endeavors, and thank you for your support of Patriot Sports Unlimited!

7-12-1 last week brings us to a nice and profitable. 62-50-3 thanks to some of the parlays.

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