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Round Table Week 8

Week 8 of the NFL season is here! We have some exciting games and a ton of teams on Bye week. As the NFL season continues to rumble along we are here to provide you insights into the league from some of our favorite brands and analysts. Joining our staff today are special guests:

Coach C. of PSR Sports Radio

Tyler Sutton of 715 Fantasy Football

Jay The Plug of Plugged In With Jay

Zach Kurtz of Truth Serum Football

  1. After The New York Jets traded for Running Back James Robinson from Jacksonville, whereabouts do you rank Robinson and Travis Etienne for the rest of the season?

Coach C. Both teams will benefit. I think both of their stocks went up, especially Etienne’s.

Tyler: I think Robinson stays at his RB2 floor while in New York. If they give him the workload that Hall was receiving he will be a RB1 in no time. And Etienne will get the work that we all drafted him as that 2nd/3rd rounder.

Jay: Robinson will be an RB2 rest of season. He and Breece Hall are VERY similar in style of running and he will fit well in their scheme. He isn’t Breece though! … Etienne is going to be what I’ve been saying since he got drafted, Kamara 2.0! Get as many shares of him as you can!

Zach: I see them both as low end RB2s from here on out.

  1. Is there a rookie that you think is about to breakout and you’re looking to buy up shares of for dynasty formats?

Coach C. I am high on Kenny Pickett. I think he is going to be good for Pitt. Maybe not this season but, long term yes.

Tyler: Pickens hands down. His rapport with Pickett is insane and I can see Pickett looking at Pickens a lot the remainder of the season.

Jay: I was saying Breece Hall before he got injured, and would still go for ALL the shares of him as you can get, but I’ll say one that’s healthy, and a guy I’ve been bullish on even before the season… Kenneth Walker III

Zach: Kenneth Walker and Dameon Pierce for sure!

  1. What’s going on in New England? Is it Zappe Hour or will Jones be back under center?

Coach C. I love Zappe. I think he will be the guy. They want too bad for it to be Mac but people forget the Drew Bledsoe story. This looks very similar.

Tyler: My heart says Jones but realistically it’s Zappe. He throws the ball better and knows the offense.

Jay: Jones will be back if the game plan needs him. Belichick will put him in when Zappe is having issues, and vice-versa…. Patriots don’t care about your fantasy teams… as well they shouldn’t.

Zach: Zappe Hour is over. Maybe it will come back one day but for now this is Jones’ team.

  1. What NFL teams are you most impressed with thus far and which ones are you most disappointed in?

Coach C. The team I am most impressed with this season is the Green Bay Packers. The arrogance of entering a season without a single WR on the roster and then trying to convince everyone they know more than everyone else. Garbage and for the love of God just admit the Love pick was terrible and cost the franchise years of production. It impresses me the arrogance and pride that will not allow them to admit they are slowly trading places with the Vikings. Yes I said it. It’s happening.

Also as I throw up a little in my mouth the GD Cowboys and Cooper Rush. Wow just wow. That was a gem they found under a cow turd of a free agency that is usually the Dallas off-season circus.

Tyler: Most impressed: Chicago and Philly. Chicago was only supposed to win 2-3 games all year and they’ve hit that in week 7 and having a bunch of close games their record should be better. And Philadelphia what can ya say, they are undefeated. I wouldn’t say disappointed but not impressed by the Minnesota Vikings. They haven’t played anyone with a winning record outside Philly. They got beat by a double doink in against the Saints, and barely got past the Lions and Bears… not disappointed but not impressed.

Jay: Most impressed with the Jets, most disappointed in the Saints, Broncos, Colts, Bucs…. List could keep going.

Zach: I hate to say it but I’m most impressed with the New York Jets. They may be doing the rebuild think correctly for the first time in forever. There’s plenty of teams that I’m disappointed in including my Pats but I’m going to go with the Bucs. Losing to Trubisky and PJ Walker? Really? If I was married to that much of a loser I’d divorce them too!

  1. Give us a stud that you’re looking to sell high while you can before he drops off.

Coach C. I would unload any Giant or Cowboy before the second half of the season as they both notoriously will take a massive NFC East dump in November and December.

Tyler: Najee Harris. He still has great value as a young bruiser but the Steelers aren’t using him right and I don’t see them using him right for the foreseeable future.

Jay: CMC. I hate to say it, and I pray I’m wrong, but a guy that has had injury issues going to an injury plagued backfield in San Francisco… smells like a disaster. And what you could probably get for CMC right now while the iron is hot!? Go get a Kenneth Walker III and another top piece to replace an almost guaranteed IR spot filler later this season… I could be wrong, but what if I’m not? Look at CMC’s past issues and tell me your thoughts.

Zach: Barkley. He’s not going to keep up his pace and I hope it doesn’t happen but his injury history is a risk not to take the king’s ransom that you probably could get for him right now.

If you have a question you’d like answered on next week’s Round Table discussion just drop it in the comments section down below!

Thanks for reading and as always, stay true!

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