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Round Table Week #6

Welcome back to Truth Serum Football’s Round Table discussion! Week #6 is here and there’s plenty to discuss! Let’s get right to it with a few questions for David from Genesis Sports Cards and Truth Serum Football, co-owners of Truth Serum Football Jordan Thomas and Zach Kurtz and writer for TSF Audra Bonds!  

Q1. What is your upset of the week? 

David: Baker Mayfield and the Bucs over the stronger than expected Lions. With the Bucs coming off a bye and already looking much better than expected, I expect them to come out with a statement home win with conference seeding implications!

Jordan: New England over Las Vegas. This seems like a get right game for Bill and the Pats. Bill doesn't lose to his former assistants.

Zach: Titans over Ravens. King Henry will get things going in London. 

Audra: Bears over Vikings, Vikings just lost Justin Jefferson and were already off to a rough start this season. The Bears are rested and Justin Fields looks like he is fired up finally. 

Q2. Who are some “buy cheap” options for fantasy owners with the injury bug? 

David: Diontae Johnson. Yes, I know. He is coming back from an injury himself, but with how Pickett has looked, not a lot of folks see any value in Steelers WR and you can get him cheap!

Jordan: Jonathan Taylor's value has never been lower. They didn't give him the bag to just not play him. Once he has one breakout week you'll never be able to afford him again.

Zach: Go get Isiah Pacheco if you can, he won’t be cheap but he hasn’t broken out yet. Jerome Ford is a great cheap option, I just got him off of waivers after someone dropped him. 

Audra: Tee Higgins won’t be gone long and is a strong WR2 when Joe Burrow is healthy. 

Q3. Who is your pick to win the AFC North this year?

David: My Steelers of course! We aren't out of it till the fat lady sings and right now we lead the division and are 2-0 against the division. In a tight division race, those wins will be key.

Jordan:  My preseason pick was the Browns and I'm doubling down. It looks rough now but that defense will keep them in games. If DeShaun shows anything this team will be tough.

Zach: The Bengals will get their act together and show us they’re still a Super Bowl contender. 

Audra: I’m going with the Ravens. They have competition in the Steelers, but Lamar and the Ravens will win it in my opinion. The Ravens have more options for playmakers on offense and a top tier defense. 

Q4. Who, if anyone, can beat the 49ers right now?

David: My honest answer is no one, but if I had to pick a team I'd pick the Dolphins in a shootout. They are probably the only high powered offense that can stretch and test that nasty 49ers D.

Jordan: The 85 Bears would get smacked by the 9ers right now. Brock is clearly that dude.

Zach: If anyone can right now it’s the Eagles. 

Audra: I think the match up against the Eagles could possibly bring them a loss.

Q5. At 1-4 and the Lions looking like a playoff team, do the Vikings trade Kirk this year and who gets him?

David: I think they want to trade him, but with his no trade clause, I think it'll be hard. Rumor has it his family doesn't want to move so unless it's to a Super Bowl Contender, I just don't see it happening.

Jordan: Five of their next six games are very winnable. The NFC wildcard picture is wide open. I'm not so sure they rush to sell. 

Zach: I don’t see that happening, Minnesota is very much still in the thick of things and It would have to be a very ideal situation for Kirk to lift his trade clause. 

Audra: It makes sense to trade him and recoup something if he allows that, and if so I think the Patriots would be a logical landing spot. They can afford it and they need a quarterback desperately.

Thanks for reading and drop a question in the comments section and we’ll get to it in next week’s Round Table discussion! 

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