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Round Table Week #3

Welcome back to Truth Serum Football’s Round Table discussion! Week #2 was more of the same, some close games and more injuries leaving us with lots to talk about, let’s get right to it with a few questions for David from Genesis Sports Cards and Truth Serum Football, The Captain of TSF himself Kirk Davenport, Tyler Sutton of 715 Fantasy Football and Joshua Bandy from The 4th and flex podcast! 

Q1. Who is your upset of the week? 

David: Bucs over the Eagles in prime time. The Eagles have the better squad but they haven't played like it. Baker has Tampa hyped and the train keeps rolling on Monday Night!

Kirk: Steelers, but don’t sleep on the Colts.

Tyler: Houston over the Jags

Josh: My upset of the week has got to be the 2-0 Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Monday night football, giving it to the Philadelphia Eagles. Should be a good game as long as the bucs Defense continues to do what they have been doing, and Baker Mayfield, the surprise of the season, throws the rock around to the guys! My only concern is the eagles controlling the time of possession like they love to do. Either way it should be a banger!

Q2. Start, bench, cut ROS. Puka, Addison, Zay Flowers? 

David: Same order as you have them. Puka has been a pleasant surprise and has more volume then Addison. Flowers is electric but has a non passing QB in Jackson, so he gets the cut.

Kirk: I think Zay Flowers has the best long term upside, but he’s getting cut out of these 3 - Mark Andrews will eat majority of his target share but I still think he has elite play making ability. I’ll bench Addison here, he’s averaging 16.15 points through the first 2 games, but the weekly upside is huge in an air raid offense and his ability/skill will continue to grow while steadily following the footsteps of JJ. I’m starting Puka Nacua, based off sheer volume through the first 2 weeks; he hasn’t found the end zone yet, but with the snap count percentage and target share he’s seeing, it will happen soon enough - and he finished as WR2 against arguably the best defense in the league. Also, just to note, if this question was asked in Week 5 and the return of Cooper Kupp was imminent, my Start-Bench-Cut list would be different.

Tyler: Addison Start, Flowers sit and cut Puka. Addison is going to have the best rookie season out of this class solely based on offense and having Jettas as the number 1 in Minnesota. 

Josh: This is tough You have to Start Puka until he gives you a reason not to, I'm sitting Addison,  and I guess I'll cut Zay Flowers, but I'm NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT! All these rookies have been explosive. I really would like to trade Puka, only because I wonder if he can keep this going! What a crazy season so far! 

Q3. Who is your top buy low candidate for fantasy owners to target right now that you see blowing up this season? 

David: Chase is probably the biggest disappointment so far but people still aren't selling him cheap. I'd say Gibbs. He's not getting as many touches as his draft status warranted but I'd bank on that increasing as the season goes on. 

Kirk: With Anthony Richardson under center, it is easily Zach Moss; he’s owned in 74.2% of sleeper leagues at the moment, so it’s possible he’s on the waiver and you should grab him ASAP; Moss is an immediate plug and play candidate. Next up, if the Chicago offense can get things figured out, is Roschon Johnson - he has the versatility as both a rusher and receiver, which in the redzone (if the Bears can ever get there) is invaluable. If you need a receiver, go snatch up TuTu Atwell; even with Kupp returning, and Puka doing his thing, the share of opportunities in LA are plentiful.

Tyler: A.J. Brown/Jamar Chase/Justin Fields. We all know what they can do fantasy wise, be patient and buy low. 

Josh: My top buy low,  Justin Fields, I know he had started off really crappy, after giving us all the impression that he would be a TOP 5 QB , on the season, but just Buy low or HOLD steady my guy is about to BOOM!! DJ Moore shares through the roof!

Q4. Rank the 0-2 teams in order of odds to make the playoffs. Defend your top choice.

David: Vikings, Bengals, Patriots, Chargers, Broncos, Texans, Panthers, Bears, Cardinals. 

I actually like the Cardinals better than the Bears but they are finding ways to lose. The Bengals probably have a better case to make the playoffs but the AFC is just so strong that I went with the offensive juggernaut that is Kirk Cousins and the Vikings.

Kirk: 1. Chargers, Vikings, & Bengals - it’s a crapshoot between the 3; the Bengals do look the roughest out of all of them, but when the finally do get things going, we all know they can be elite. If I had to pick my favorite out of the 3, I am going Chargers, I think that whole team is hungry. 2. Broncos, Patriots, Panthers, Cardinals, Texans - better luck next year.

Tyler: 1. Bengals…we’ve seen this story before. Elite offense will turn around.

2. Chargers 

3. Minnesota

4. Patriots 

5. Broncos

6. Houston

7. Carolina

8. Chicago

9. Arizona 

Josh: Gotta start out with the ballers, Bengals, Chargers, Vikings,  these teams WILL figure things out, I worry about the Vikings defense which doesn't seem to have gotten any better, but the Bengals, and Chargers, post season here we come! Then the Broncos and Bears have a chance to make things happen, but it's going to take some work! The cardinals seem to be tanking so no Bueno there. Other teams with rookie QBs need a year or 2 of building chemistry before they can make a playoff run.

Q5. What's the Browns best option for replacing Chubb, Jerome Ford or one of the top FA available.

David: Jerome Ford looked great when called upon, and knows the scheme. I'd say, if they can get Hunt cheap, him and Ford could be a Thunder and Lightning combo.

Kirk: Jerome Ford, easy. He won the job over Hunt in the offseason, meaning the Browns already see the value in him. He’s the RB1, with Hunt serving as a complimentary role as he did with Chubb.

Tyler: Ford is going to be their number 1 option, but now finding out that they signed Hunt it’s going to be a committee in Cleveland.

Josh: It looks like Jerome Ford could be the answer but I think he will need a good number 2 to help back him up. He did great when Chubb left the game, but I could see him being a RB that has a great game then a crappy one, just never knowing which you're going to get. They signed Kareem Hunt who knows the offense and should be refreshed and ready to be a PPR friendly option. They need to figure out the QB situation because it's NOT pretty!

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Thanks for reading and drop a question in the comments section and we’ll get to it in next week’s Round Table discussion! 

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