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Round Table Week #1

Welcome back to Truth Serum Football’s Round Table discussion! Week #1 was a wild one with lots to talk about, let’s get right to it with a few questions for David from Genesis Sports Cards and Truth Serum Football, The Honorable Judge Jordan Thomas from TSF, Eric Langenecker of Patriots Sports Radio and Justin Herrera from TSS Fantasy. 

Q1. What’s your upset of the week? 

David: Jags over the Chiefs. Even with Chris Jones coming back and a possibly healthy Travis Kelce, Tlaw and company should handle business at home in a shootout.

Jordan: Ravens over Bengals - Cincinnati looked terrible in week 1 and have another tough matchup in week 2. Cinci will be fine long term but the slow start to the season will continue for Burrow and co.

Eric: Titans over Chargers at home. This is what the Chargers do, they start slow and win later. Tennessee has a strong starting lineup and right now they’re healthy. Tannehill has to be more accurate this week than last. I think he does just enough that Henry can kill clock and win it outright. 

Justin: Jaguars. This team has put together a great offense with an opportunistic defense…sound like anybody we know (Chiefs). I think they pull out a dub vs a recovering chiefs team.


Q2. After week #1, who would you say is safe for fantasy managers to panic on?

David: I don't believe in panicking after 1 week, but I'd say some of these RBs we expected to see more from. Jahmyr Gibbs and Khalil Herbert for example gave up a ton of work to David Montgomery and Roschon Johnson.

Jordan: Atlanta Falcons receivers. Atlanta wants to run the ball and minimize Desmond Ridder's mistakes. There is so much talent in this receiving group, but barring trade, they don't have anyone to get them the ball.  

Eric: It’s time to panic about Cam Akers, it’s probably time to panic about Antonio Gibson, but it’s DEFCON 1 on DJ Moore. We saw no improvement from the quarterback in regards to accuracy, and if we don’t see it this week…it may never come.

Justin: It's safe to panic on Tee Higgins. He had 8 targets and couldn’t reel in one. If you're wondering if you overdrafted did.

Q3. Do you think we’ve seen the last of Aaron Rodgers? 

David: If Rodgers was younger, I'd say no, but an achilles injuries are generally hard to return from. I also don't feel like he enjoys football like he used to. Just based on his body language.

Jordan: Yes. Achilles injuries are career killers and Rodgers already had limited time left. 

Eric: No, I don’t. I think Aaron Rodgers loves to be the topic of conversation, he’s going to relish the ‘will he/won’t he’ debates over the next year, and he’ll likely fake us out a number of times. 

Here’s the thing though, he basically promised that fan base two seasons and he doesn’t want to go out like that. After a 5-12 season next year, he’ll wish he had.

Justin: Aaron Rodgers has too much ego to be done. He’ll come back in 2024, but how good he’ll be will determine if he’ll be Brady or Farve.

Q4. Week 1 is in the books, who's your favorite worst to first candidate?

David: I don't have any of the squads going worst to first, but if I had to choose a candidate,  it would be the Falcons. They play in a very weak division and have a good defense and run game, a winning combination.

Jordan: The Cleveland Browns. They may not win the division but are an absolute threat to make the playoffs. Watson will only get better and the addition of Elijah Moore is already paying off. Myles Garrett will be a DPOY candidate and will cement himself as the best defensive player in the division. Sorry, David. 

Eric: The New England Patriots, after a long and painful couple of years for Pats fans they look to be back! 0-1 start wasn’t ideal but they went toe to toe with the NFC Champs. The offense looks much improved and that defense is scary! 

Justin: The Browns. This organization has been brutally humiliated for so long. It finally feels like they have a chance to make something happen and I’m here for it.

Q5. Hill hit 215 yards in week 1, do you think he breaks the 2000 mark?

David: Well, if he keeps up this pace he'd hit over 3k. I will say if Tua can stay healthy, then yes, Hill can and will hit the 2k mark. The dude is like a Madden cheat code.

Jordan: I do not. He has all the talent in the world and this offense is arguably the best in football. But there will be games that Jaylen Waddle will be the top option.

Eric: Absolutely. I bet him to win OPOY back in July or August after he said this. I think Tyreek eclipses 2000 receiving yards in 16 games so there’s no debate to be had about number of snaps played. This man is on a mission, he has been since he landed in Miami and I have no reason to think he slows down.

Justin: I think as long as Tua is his Qb. Then there is a chance that Tyreek will break the receiving yards record. So 2,000 is very likely.

Thanks for reading and drop a question in the comments section and we’ll get to it on next week’s Round Table discussion! 

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