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Friday proved to be a busy day at Road America in terms of not only NTT Indycar series practice rounds, practice and qualifying rounds in RADICAL CUP, USF 2000, USF PRO 2000, but also in fan attendance. Crowds were observed to be notably higher than in previous years for Friday practice runs. While the uptick in attendance is a reflection of love for the sport, and some of the newer amenities added to the Road America property this year, it seems that the major focus at the track this year, is the actual track itself. The Road America race track has undergone a total resurface in addition to some shoulder work in the off-season. This new surface proves to level the playing field a bit for all drivers across the board. Even the drivers with the most experience, those who know every turn by heart, feel, and memory will be facing the need for tactical and equipment adjustments for this race. Tires have been a topic of discussion in the past few days with drivers adjusting to different tires from those that had been recently tested on the track last week. Friday resulted in Alexander Rossi producing the best practice lap time of 1m41.7790s for this year's Road America NTT Indycar series Sonsio Grand Prix. *Practice rounds will start Saturday morning at 9:55am CST with qualifying beginning at 12:55pm CST. Sunday's event will begin with warm ups starting at 9;15am CST and the race beginning at 12;23pm CST.

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