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Plus Money Props: The Ladder To Green Dot City

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

Week 2 is always crazy because a single game is all we have to look at. With how often players change teams, historical data can even be hit or miss.

That means there are some "exploitable numbers" as the cool kids say, in the prop market.

We're looking at ladder bets this week (technically), just two rungs.

A ladder bet is when you make multiple "at least" bets in ascending order.

Such as:

Marcus Mariota is a mobile quarterback, and the Atlanta Falcons coaching staff understands that. Of the 38 team rush attempts last week, Mariota accounted for 12 of them, producing 72 yards and a touchdown.

Parlay the touchdown if you live life to the fullest.

At least 42 rushing yards +104

At least 52 rushing yards +159

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Aaron Jones is lining up in the slot quite a bit these days, which means targets. After that debacle in Minnesota, Aaron Rodgers will likely trust the football to his guys who've been there for him.

His total rushing and receiving yards are set at 86.5, which he's smashed in 8 of his last 9 prime time games and I expect a majority to be through the air Sunday night.

At least 53 receiving yards +156

At least 63 receiving yards +242

Nick Chubb is a machine, Jacoby Brissett is a placeholder, and the Jets are still a bad football team. This man posted 141 yards on 22 carries vs Carolina, he can cruise over the century mark in this one as well.

At least 93 rushing yards +106

At least 103 rushing yards +127


Justin Fields at least 46 rushing yards +108

Green Bay has struggled with rushing quarterbacks since Mike Vick. It's in the water up here.

Tyler Boyd at least 49 receiving yards +108

Tee Higgins is in the concussion protocol and as good as Chase is...he's but one man. Tyler Boyd will need to contribute in Dallas.

Derek Carr at least 3 passing touchdowns +156

I will likely run this up to 4 touchdowns +555, but I'm a degenerate. I wouldn't recommend that to you.

We need a scratch-off ticket to spice up the week, something you'd maybe put two or three dollars on.

Here's the angle:

Davante Adams was speaking to the press this week, and he mentioned his grandparents coming to see him play in the NFL for the first time. Ever!

The look on his face to me...looked like a man determined to have the game of his life. I want some of that joy myself, I built my own Davante bet

12 Receptions

162 Yards

2 Touchdowns

Raiders -5.5

Raiders Over 29.5 points

That's going to pay us 119 to 1. Wouldn't be the worst way to walk into work on Monday. Shit, work on Monday may be optional at that point.

Best of luck in all your endeavors, betting and otherwise!

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