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Patriot Squad Radio: Bills vs. Rams

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

NFL Football has returned, let us rejoice and be profitable! The season kicks off with a heater. Bills at Rams, Thursday night, Josh Allen versus most of a Matthew Stafford.

The Rams haven't lost a Week 1 game since 2016, but they have some questions with the quarterback right out of the gate. But I'm not Dr. Chao.

I'm a degenerate. Let's get to some Sleeper Squad picks:

Josh Allen over 36.5 rushing yards

I don't know what they're thinking with this number. Since coach McDermott discovered what a thoroughbred this kid is and started using him in the ground game, the Bills have leaned in and so has Allen.

Here are his last three week one rushing performances:

2019: 10 att/38 yds

2020: 14 att/57 yds

2021: 9 att/44 yds

Sleeper is assuming Josh Allen has his worst annual rushing debut in his career as a workhorse. Good luck with that. But Josh alone cannot carry us. We need more pieces.

Darrell Henderson Over 27.5 Rush Yards

Last year, Henderson was the only available week-one back for the Rams and put up 70 yards on 16 carries. In the previous two years of the post-Gurley era, the RB2 for this team has easily eclipsed this number.

We don't even have to figure in the Akers injury since Malcolm Brown had 53 rush yds as the RB2 in 2019, and Henderson ran up 39 yards in 2020. Avoid Akers altogether and back ol' reliable Darrell Henderson.

Almost there.

Tyler Higbee under 39.5 receiving yards

Too many question marks here with Higbee. Yes, he's a known reliable target for Stafford, but last we saw, he was leaving the NFC Championship Game with a sprained MCL . He played zero preseason snaps.

Higbee averaged 12.2 and 10.6 yards per reception since his breakout, so we'd likely need at least four to get the over.

Not to mention the new toy...

Allen Robinson over 59.5 receiving yards

Sean McVay admittedly "sold his ass off" to get Robinson to LA, you better believe he's getting some run right out of the gate. You should be on this already without me telling you about it.

This is the lowest number we'll see on a healthy Allen Robinson all season, take it.

And just for fun...

Matthew Stafford over 0.5 interceptions

Another thing we can bet on is Von Miller will have something for his old friend Matt Stafford. Add in his possible elbow strength issues and it's an accident waiting to happen.

You can play these in the classic format to profit from a 4 out of 5, or you can choose the all-in method to win 10 times your entry when all five picks come home. Or, just pick three or four and play those.

Whatever you do, don't forget to join our Patriot Sports Sleeper Squad!

Let's start this season off hot!

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