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Patriot Sports Recipes: Beer Dip


Now, I know you're probably still gathering yourself from the mindblowing experience that is our Taco Dip Recipe , but it's a long season and you can't just play the same song every week no matter how good it is.

This week, I'm sharing a recipe (not mine per se, they're basically all the same) for beer dip. It's a simple dip recipe that most people love. Whip some of this together, buy a bag of Snyder's Butter Snaps, and it's next stop: Cloud 9 for you, pal.

Okay, so without the long-winded story about the time I discovered beer dip, here it is:

Get yourself a mixing bowl.

Throw 2 bricks of room temp cream cheese in that mf.

Chop up some green onions, whatever amount you prefer (hey, it's your dip, dude).

Throw 2 cups of shredded cheddar, Colby Jack, or whatever you're into in the bowl.

Pour half of whatever beer you like in the bowl (hoppy works best in my opinion).

Mix that shit up.

Pour/scoop it into a fancy bowl, and buy those Snyders Butter Snaps, done and done.

The calories burned to points scored ratio is off the charts with this one. If your friends don't drink or you don't want the kids to have any, non-alcoholic beer works just as well. It's a flavor thing is all.


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