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Motorsports: A formula for generational success

It's true that racing season is very much upon us which actually means many different things to many different people. Fans will yet again make their annual pilgrimages to take in the sights and sounds of the tracks of their choice. The places that tug at their heartstrings. Places where memories are made. Places that are deeply rooted in tradition. Places that allow everyone to witness pieces of history, by way of experiences which can never be duplicated.

Those feelings and experiences are not exclusive to just race fans. Every team member and driver invests so much of themselves in the form of hobby or career, their many talents pooled together in concert to conquer every detail, grand or finite in an effort to bring home a win. Year after year. Week after week, track after track. It's a kind of beautiful "grind" that Frank Bolter, spotter for Ryan Hunter-Reay described in his Patriot Sports- The Fan Bus interview recently:

The race season is very long and the travel schedule may be grueling, and because of this, consistency and efficiency become key. Necessity being the mother of invention and all of that. Those very things are what open the door to the innovations that can elevate the sport. Change if you will.

Yes, change can sometimes force disconnection. We see it all too often, all over the world, not just in sports but in our daily lives as well. However, somehow the world of motorsports seems to have gotten it right. Standing the test of time, evolving, yet embracing those things that matter most has now become the industry standard. In what ways is this evolution palpable?

There are many ways that positive changes can propel the industry as notably represented by Mike Kertscher, President of Road America and his entire staff. As a whole they clearly embrace every working part, big or small when it comes to providing for drivers, race teams and fans alike during the race season and well beyond that. Mike views his role and everyone on staff as being a "steward of the facility".

It's all about perception. They operate in a service oriented mindset in which every encounter with a guest is an opportunity to provide an unparalleled positive experience. It is viewed as an honor. Mike, a former race car driver himself, is able to see every aspect of what the facility is about. Access and amenities, those things matter to everyone. But not JUST those things.

In order to continue a strong legacy within any sport, especially racing, respect for the rich and storied history and appreciation for all previous groundwork is crucial. It allows for human connection, not just in terms of keeping a sport alive but allowing it to thrive. This is the secret formula. Honoring the past while simultaneously preparing for and welcoming the future.

What we are witnessing now from the racing world is refreshing in its own simplicity... nurtured growth. Not without pitfalls along the way of course, yet somehow that makes it all perfect. Our own @psrhostguy Eric Langenecker couldn't have said it better, "To us and our listeners, racing is more exciting now than it has ever been before, and I'm here for it all!".

Hell yeah Eric, so are we!

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