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Libations & decorations!

With a Chiefs vs Eagles matchup this year, why not set a fun and whimsy vibe for the guests at your big party with team-themed drink options and simple solid colors for table decorations! Thoughtful use of team color, will only add to the anticipation and add to the excitement!


What are MY game day cocktail creations for the BIG GAME this year???

☆ "The Flying Eagle"

☆ "The Mighty Chief

☆ "The Blind Ref


1 oz Whiskey (your choice)

1 oz sweet & sour mix

1/2 oz Amaretto

1 oz pineapple juice

1/2 oz Blue Caraco

Shake all ingredients. Pour over ice.

*Garnish with lime slice and a blueberry


1 oz Red Stag Bourbon

1/2 oz Grenadine

1 oz Cranberry juice

1 oz Orange juice

1/2 oz Triple Sec

Shake all ingredients together. Pour over ice. *Garnish with orange slice and cherries


2 oz Basil Haydens over ice

* squeeze of an orange wedge


Make life easy on yourself. Keep it simple, fast and inexpensive. For game day parties I sometimes head to our local Dollar store for color coordinated plates, napkins, various platters, bowls, etc.

*PRO TIP: I typically will split my dining/serving table in half... on one side of the table I feature the "food" items and color coordinate with team "A" colors... and the other half of the table I feature desserts/snacks and color coordinate with team "B" colors. What's in the shopping cart?


Dinner plates

Large napkins

Table cloth

Plastic Forks

Beverage napkins

Table top sprig (usually what they tie balloons to)


Dessert plates

Small napkins

Table cloth

Plastic forks

Small dessert napkins

Beverage napkins

Table top sprig (what they usually tie ballons too)

That's it! You need all of those things already, why not make it colorful?

Oh yeah! I almost forgot... don't forget the party beads!

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