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Indy 500: HISTORY! Community Rallies to Get Team Back Together Under Tragic Crash-Rahal Back IN

On Tuesday morning, it was announced that driver Graham Rahal, who was bumped on a hair-raising bump day on Sunday, will replace driver Stefan Wilson, who had a tragic accident on Monday in practice.

"This is Stefan's ride, and I am happy to jump in help," Graham Rahal told the press on Tuesday morning, explaining that the circumstances were hard to jump in at this point, to be released and join a new team at this late stage.

"The hurdles are huge. It was not as easy as saying- YES. I struggled with what was appropriate. I don't know what was done with the contracts. I had to step aside; they had to work things out. I am surprised it happened.

Chevy and Honda had to make this happen," Rahal told the press.

Graham talked about how he felt every emotion over the last two days- saying, "That is Indy; it is a vicious cycle. At the end of the day, I am honored to get the call. I won't lie. I felt excited that another team would respect me enough to call me. The highs and the lows. I don't want to step in to take over-. This is Stefan's role and their program. It is an unfortunate situation, and I am also a taller driver. I felt for him. I feel terrible about what happened, and this is his ride." Graham said.

Wilson was displaced after a back injury from a tragic crash in turn one during practice.

The team owner said he was so impressed that the community had come together to get the car and team back into racing condition for Sunday.

Rahal will drive in a brand new situation, a new team and begin from the back. "This is my first time with a Chevy. We have a lot to learn. There is a lot more that is different between two, but I feel like we have a chance to win," Rahal said.

Watch for more details about this historic shakeup.

Rahal released a message about the situation:

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