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Don't PUNT on dessert food for the big game!

You don't have to be a bougie pastry chef to have a fun, fast and festive dessert spread for your game day festivities! Your dessert playbook: Get on board with creating some basic, nostalgic favorites slightly tweaked perfectly for game day! If you create color specific treats (using team colors) made from the easiest recipes... it will be glorious, simple, yet totally genius! Here are my picks: ☆ CHOCO-CRISPIE FOOTBALL TREATS☆

I know you've made these before. If you haven't, it's wildly easy. What you will need: *Chocolate Crispie Cereal (you want the football to be brown in color, hence the chocolate version, any brand is okay) *10 oz of Marshmallows (40 large marshmallows or 5 1/2 cups of mini) *3 Tablespoons Butter *6 Cups Crispie Chocolate Cereal *Cooking Spray (NOT olive oil flavored) *16 oz Vanilla Frosting (or more) *Zip-Close Sandwhich Bags First melt the butter in a large sauce pan over medium heat... next add your marshmallows to melt completely stirring occasionally. After this is done, remove from heat to a cool burner and immediately add the cereal. Stir until the mixture is coated evenly. I personally take a cooking sheet or plastic cutting board and spray it with cooking spray and dump the entire mixture on to it. I use this "pile" to quickly start forming little football shapes (with my hands, which I also spray with cooking spray so it doesn't stick) PRO TIP: Also spray a flat dinner plate to press up against while forming the little footballs . My footballs are always flat on the bottom but are curved on top (as though you are creating half of a football). ALSO NOTE: Work as quickly as you can. As the mixture cools, they become harder to form. Equally intriguing... it is just as hard to form when the mixture is really hot. Good news is that you can manipulate them as they cool. The next, and really fun part, is to create a very large football that can be the centerpiece of your dessert platter! (You may need to sculpt it continuously as it cools to get the desired shape. It won't take long though, I promise!) After all of that is done... I scoop A LOT of frosting (using the BACK of a large spoon, into a zippy sandwich bag because I do not use or own piping bags (who has time for that?) Haha! Squish the frosting towards one corner. Clip a TINY bit of the corner off and apply pressure the the bag (like you would a toothpaste tube to get it all out) squirting frosting out for the stitch patterns on the little footballs... and then you can clip MORE off of the corner to create a larger opening when it comes time to embellish the large football. Of course you can buy icing in tubes, but it is wildly expensive and I feel that there is lack of control when using these because they tend to spit air bubbles. FUN, RIGHT !?!?! ☆ TEAM SPIRIT CUPCAKES ☆

This couldn't be any easier. You are literally just baking cupcakes, frosting and decorating them with candies and sprinkles, etc that represent the colors of the teams playing. Have fun with this! Don't be afraid to buy bags of your favorite multicolored candy and separate them by color ie: gum drops, Runts, Spree candy, skittles, m&m... those kinds of things. Make it fun and unexpected! If you have kids, they will love to help you with this! Children are creative and love to think outside the box. These only need to be color coordinated. Any whimsy combinations of those colors are welcomed and part of the appeal. No two cupcakes have to be the same, just the same colors! ♡ ☆ COLOR RUSH JELLO SQUARES ☆

Ahhhh, the good, old fashioned finger jello squares! Fun and nostalgic! Easy to eat! Again, you are going after the presentation here, so all you need to do is choose the colors that you want to represent each team. It also doesn't matter what brand you buy... and you don't have to make the Knox version either. There is always a "finger jello squares" direction on the box it's self. The easiest route: make each color seperately. Simply cut them, and stack them by team colors on a platter. Boom! Done!

These awesome dessert combinations: TOUCHDOWN!

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