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Breadwinners and Bed Shitters Week 10

Week 10 is in the books and what a week it was. The highlight of the day was the slugfest between the Vikings and Bills which culminated with one of the sickest catches of all time. We got to witness another breakout performance from Justin Fields and the emergence of an actual WR in Green Bay. Let’s get it on.


Justin Fields

Justin Fields has been the best football player on the planet over the last three months. Let’s not kid ourselves. Fields went ballistic again this week, securing his second consecutive QB1 overall week, and fourth consecutive week in the top 5. The passing numbers won’t wow anyone as he went just 12/20 for 167 yards 2 TDs and an INT. Once again Fields dominated the ground game with 147 yards and 2 rushing TDs. He also busted off a 60-yard run for the second week in a row. Fields could be heating up in the MVP race if the Bears could win anything. Unfortunately, as awesome as Fields has been, he is on a team completely devoid of talent around him. At least he gets the distinction of headlining the Breadwinners list this week.

Justin Jefferson

Fans were treated to a good ol’ fashioned slobber-knocker on Sunday as the Bills and Vikings went toe to toe for 4 quarters and an overtime period. Both WRs were excellent and both QBs had fine fantasy days. Even the RBs were productive in the game. For this one, stats do not matter. Justin Jefferson saved the day for the Vikings on 4th and 18 with the most ludicrous catch in NFL history. I won’t say it’s the greatest catch of all time, due to the magnitude of the moment in the Tyree “helmet catch” or the Julian Edelman catch in the Super Bowl. But as far as pure degree of difficulty this is the Odell catch on steroids. If you’re reading this, you’ve definitely seen it, but if you’re living under a rock or something, go see it now. Come back and finish up here afterward though.

Christian Watson

I wish I would have put this in print somewhere, but I had the worst feeling this was going to happen. I’m not sure how many fantasy managers started Christian Watson this week, but if you were lucky like I was in TSF144, then you had yourself a day. Green Bay ran the ball down Dallas’ throat all day long on Sunday. When they needed to pass it was the Christian Watson coming out party. Watson caught 4 of his 8 targets for 107 yards. Three of those went for 6. It’s almost as if Dallas fans are reliving the Toney game from last season, just against a more hated, albeit nondivision, rival.


AJ Dillon

The good news is AJ Dillon had his second-best rushing game of the season. The bad news is he only accounted for 65 yards and was targeted as many times as I was in week 10. Meanwhile, Aaron Jones was torching the Cowboys for 138 yards and a TD. If you’re still holding on to Dillon at this point just let him go. Cold weather or not, Dillon is not the guy he was expected to be in the preseason.

Travis Etienne

Travis Etienne has been on fire entering week 10 with three consecutive games with 100+ yards and at least one TD. That was snapped against Kansas City as Etienne managed just 11 rushes for 45 yards. He did haul in all three of his passes for 28 yards. Etienne is expected to be a smash start top 5 fantasy RB the rest of the way, hopeful he can get his shit together and get back to his breadwinning ways.

Alvin Kamara and Chris Olave

The Saints have been a bad team this season. The Steelers have been much worse. This was one the Saints really needed this week and should have been a big fantasy day for the Saints superstars. That simply wasn’t the case. Alvin Kamara rushed only 8 times for 26 yards and caught 3 balls for 19 yards. Rookie standout Chris Olave was not any more effective as he only caught 3 of his 5 targets for 40 yards. While most of the blame will ultimately fall back on the shoulder of Andy Dalton, he avoids the list because nobody was starting him with any kind of confidence, Steelers or not.

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